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Reverse Hyper Machines.

Why do you need the Reverse Hyper Machine? The RHM allows you to develop several muscles all at once. This includes the glutes as well as the hamstring muscles. These are all key muscles for bodily movement and positional comfort. Damage or underdevelopment in these muscles could mean a lifetime of injuries and pain. The Reverse Hyper is the. The reverse hyper works your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back all at once. Unfortunately, most gyms don’t have reverse hyperextension machines. Reverse hyper machines are ideal for those who want to better target these otherwise hard to reach muscles. While deadlifts and pull-ups are great for working out the back, they do not isolate the lower back muscles and obliques as much as the hyperextension machine is able to. Why the Reverse Hyper Extension Should Be In Your Routine.

The Reverse Hyper machine enhances the development of glutes and hamstrings which are vital in building a resilient lower back. The movements of this machine train the glute and hamstring without putting any pressure on the spine. This is beneficial to athletes with lower back problems, recovering from lower back issues, or seeking to improve general lower back health. Here are a variety of ways you can 'build' your own reverse hyper machine with common gym equipment. The Reverse Hyper machine is highly effective in the development of glutes and hamstrings which are key to a wide array of movements, such as running, squats and much more. Glutes and Hamstrings are also vital for stability, power, and strength and play an important role in injury prevention. The movement of the Reverse Hyper machine also helps to increase hip extension. Virtually any injury of the back or. As an additional tip to make the reverse hyperextension more effective, allow your legs to turn outward slightly. This is a natural motion the glutes perform, and will enhance the contraction and improve range of motion. Avoid letting your knees bend. This encourages the hamstrings, and reduces focus on the glutes. Do NOT force them straight. In the below video, the reverse hyper extension is set up and performed on a flat bench. As you can see, range of motion and loading of this movement is difficult.

JC Deen explains how to use and modify the hyperextension to specifically target the glutes and/or hamstrings for posterior chain strength. RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper. A Reverse Hyperextension Machine That Goes Beyond Rehab. Manufactured and fully assembled in Columbus, Ohio, the Rogue RH-2 is a reverse hyper machine designed to meet the unique, changing needs of the athletes it serves.

Reverse Hypers for Building Strength and Flexibility. Reverse hypers can also be used to develop strength in the glutes and hamstrings. Most reverse hyper machines have a way to add weight, or you can use bands, or even hold a dumbbell between the legs. Holding a dumbbell is usually the least popular solution, as it adds complexity to the movement. Reverse the motion by extending the hips, kicking the leg back. It is very important not to over-extend the hip on this movement, stopping short of your full range of motion. Return by again flexing the hip, pulling the carriage forward as far as you can. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions. Originally developed by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell, one of the world’s top powerlifting and strength coaches, in order to help rehab training for his back and spine, the reverse hyper machine has become a staple in many specialist and public gyms in recent.

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